Hail to the Master Chief baby

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You’ve got a Christmas bonus that is going to fiscal fist your bank account this month, and you need to spend it on something. But what? Charity? Don’t make me laugh. Here’s some materialism that is just begging for that 13th cheque to be dropped on it.

Based on the hero of Halo and wrapped up in that fetching Mark V Mjolnir armour, Master Chief stands 25 inches tall and comes equipped with his trusty rifle and pistol. They’re only making 750 of these bad boys, and they’ll cost ya around $399, or about R4000 for one of them.

Oh, and I checked the shipping price as well. That’s an extra $216, so you better start saving for next month if you want to have a Master Chief to watch over you.

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Last Updated: November 19, 2013

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