Halo 2 vs Halo 3 & our idiotic retailers

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Check the video above which compares the graphics between Halo 2 and Halo 3 to see that Bungie really has upgraded the graphics for this version.

Anyway what is up without retailers, The Halo 3 boxes have huge stickers all over them telling the retailers that they are not allowed to sell the game until the 26th. CNA’s and Pick n Pays all over the country have broken this release date and rumours are coming in now that so have Toys r Us.

This is really a set back for our desire to have our games released day and date with the UK as well as setting us back for Live support. We were being pushed up the Live list due to our advanced retail system and then they go and do something like this.

The guys who have pre-ordered cannot be to happy as well.

I was lucky enough to be given a preview of Halo 3 last Wednesday at the Microsoft offices and since we all signed NDA’s I couldn’t report on it until late last night. However there really isn’t any point anymore since so many copies have been leaked, everyone know about it now.

I am really looking forward to my copy arriving on Wednesday, I personally think the game looks fantastic and the physical reaction of the water and animal life is awesome. However Halo has never been about the single player campaign, while it looks good and is enjoyable enough once we started up the multiplayer Halo really started to shine.

The shield and plasma bombs are fantastic new features and they really do change the gameplay.

Last Updated: September 24, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Yeah I find it really sad that our retailers couldn’t honour the international release date. All I believe it does is screw up the possibilities for future releases being on-time. Thanks.

  • ZYon


    Gavin why was I not invited to the launch.

  • LazySAGamer

    Only 5 of us were invited ;)… I think Justin was the only one without his own gaming website as well so I see a theme…

  • TinFish

    Pick ‘n Pay sells 360 games?

    hmm games adn groceries… and I can get axxcess topoed up at the till.. hmm…

  • GH025T

    I saw yesterday 24/09/07, Incredibal Corruptions are also selling Halo 3 with all the special additions and the Halo 3 Controllers.

  • LazySAGamer

    @GH025T, seriously? Which IC was that?… As much as we all love to hate IC they have been strong supporters of console gaming in SA so this is sad to hear…

  • Azimuth

    Musica also broke the embargo. There’s a picture of the game on a JHB branch’s shelf over on the NAG forums. Hurrah for third world stupidity.

  • Ruslan

    I saw copies at the Richards Bay CNA on Saturday… what a balls up.

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