Halo 3 after launch party

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Well last night was the official Halo 3 post launch party which was held at the Partyhouse at the Dome in Northgate. At the same time the Parlotones also released their latest album.

What an awesome evening, I actually got classed as media and was allowed to go to all the VIP areas and get free booze which was awesome :). I met a lot of the local gaming community guys and some really interesting people who work in marketing. That seems to be an awesome job, but I guess when you are forced to go to all the parties the novelty wears off quickly.

I managed to hook up with our local rhythm expert BlueCollar, It’s always strange meeting online personalities in the flesh as they rarely look as expected.

All the consoles were occupied last night and Halo 3 seemed to have snagged quite a few more fans. Master Chief also made an appearance and was subsequently stuck in a box for ages so that everyone could gawk at him. What a job.

Unfortunately the really big bouncer stopped me leaving with that 46″ Plasma but I did manage to get two magnetic pin badges… Yes contain your excitement please.

Obviously the subject of local Xbox live came up as it always does these events, nothing new came out though. Our local guys really really want it here but Microsoft head office are not that interested.

Last Updated: September 28, 2007

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