Halo 3 beta – Crackdown debacle

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Now that everyone has calmed down and the Crackdown people can download the Halo 3 beta it’s time to look back at exactly what went wrong yesterday and how people reacted..

So what really happened? Well the problem was that when the countdown ended and a million fanboys opened up their Crackdown to download the Beta the button was still greyed out…

A posting was quickly made on the Bungie.net site that they are aware of the problem and are working with the Xbox Live team to get it sorted out as soon as possible…

Damn so no Halo 3 Beta yesterday afternoon, that sucks… Well that is what I expected most of the guys to say… Boy was I wrong…

Follow the link below and check out a few pages from the Bungie.net forums, I counted at least 5 people who threatened to sue Bungie for this?, 10 people who skipped work/school to play and now want repatriation from Bungie, 1 guy who missed the birth of his child and one who cancelled his wedding 🙂

Now the last two I won’t believe but the ludicrous threats of suing Bungie where honest, guys it’s a game and Bungie has no legal obligation to allow you to Beta test it..

Yeah it sucked that we didn’t get to play yesterday but seriously it’s a game… Some people seriously need to get there priorities right…

What was even funnier where the people threatening Bungie that if the Halo was not working in 30 minutes they where going to boycott Halo and Bungie forever… Yeah you would be the same twit who took a day of work/school to get into the Beta early and you honestly expect us to believe you are not going to pay for Halo 3 when it gets released?

I nearly forgot about the bunch of weirdos who got into an argument about who won WWII in the middle of this entire debacle…

Well the only reason the Allies won the war is because South Africa sent our troops to wipe out the Italians in Northern Africa so you can all now bow down to us 🙂

Now could everyone please engage their brains next time and be a bit more understanding about things going wrong in a Beta…

Link to Bungie.net : Community : Public Forums : Forum Topic Listing : Forum Reply Listing

Last Updated: May 17, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • holy crap I love gaming! but jeez! don’t these guys have something better to do? it’s not like the game is going away or anything… well it is but it’s coming back !

  • let me guess… Americans?

  • Hamsterbun ZA

    Well we know it wasn’t “ZEE GERMANS”

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