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Halo 3 set in South Africa

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Some truly blessed journalists from all over the world were invited to Bungies head office to have a go at Halo 3’s campaign levels.

Reading through the article one thing obviously jumped out at me.

During our studio visit, Bungie lifted the veil on the third and fourth missions of “Halo 3”: Tsavo Highway and The Storm, both set in South Africa.

Strange that something called Tsavo Highway is set in South Africa since the Tsavo is in Kenya? The Storm is a pretty generic term though.

Hopefully this isn’t a mistake by the journalist and we do actually have two levels set in South Africa. It’s just a pity that to join the online games we are all going to have to commit fraud since Microsoft has not deemed us worthy of official Live status yet.

Anyway back to the article, Halo 3 sounds fantastic. While it is not going to blow anyone away visually it does look very good and the gameplay is, as always, fantastic.

We get to take out Scarabs in Halo 3 as well. One of the opening battles has more enemies and allies than the entire first mission of Halo 1…. Each of them with independant AI… awesome 🙂

Source: An advance look at ‘Halo 3’ as Earth makes its final stand – – Sy

Last Updated: July 30, 2007

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