Halo 3 vs Gears of War 2 – Which one is the must have?

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When you think about the Xbox 360, two major exclusive titles always spring to mind, Gears of War and Halo 3.

So what if you have just bought a console or have a friend who has just bought a console and you just cannot decided which one of the two is the must-have game that should grace the system.

IGN have put together a great head to head video, pitting Gears of War 2 against Halo 3 in duel to the death. Which one is the definitive Xbox 360 title and the one that shouldn’t be missed.

With regards to multiplayer, from a local perspective I will say one thing. It is that here in South Africa, we need to stick together to play lag-free games. So out here it really is all about finding out what all your friends are playing and then getting that. It doesn’t help if Gears is better or Halo is better because if you have no one to play with then it is no fun at all.

You won’t believe who won this comparison and by how much. Check it out.

Last Updated: December 2, 2008

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