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Halo 4 Cryo video and skull chucking multiplayer details

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Ever wanted to play catch will skulls and/or bombs but never got the chance? 343 Industries will give you that chance to get your freak on in Halo 4 as they announced the new multiplayer options called Grifball and Oddball.

Both these modes are derivative of earlier Halo titles, Oddball featuring “earn points each second you control the ball” gameplay and Grifball arming players with Gravity Hammers and Swords in a bid to score earn points by trying to shove the ball in the other team’s goal.

Grifball on Forge Demo

Oddball on Exile Demo

Microsoft has also released a new Cryo Video for Halo 4, which is more like a live action video without the acshun. In this video new recruits at Corbulo Academy of Military Science, the UNSC’s premiere training facility, gear up for their first-hand training with Cryo Sleep.

Cryo Sleep is a technology necessary for deep-space travel to other worlds. One of the room mates describe her experience of this technology and seems just a little bit too much at ease with her “it’s like dying” take on the experience.


Last Updated: September 3, 2012

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