Halo on the PS3, not the 360 – Well the movie at least

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Following on from the Halo movie rumours of yesterday another suprising twist in the tale has arrived now..

If Fox did make the Halo movie we would be able to buy the Halo HD movie on Blu-Ray only…. Fox is a Blu-Ray exclusive studio…

Now that would be a turn up for the books wouldn’t it…

Unfortunately these movie rumours have already been debunked but the idea is nice anyway 🙂

Oh well even if the movie is made by Fox you can bet your gran on the fact that Microsoft would force a HD-DVD version out of them. Blu-Ray exclusive or not.

Link to Halo on the PS3, not the 360 (thanks to Blu-ray) – PS3 Fanboy

Last Updated: June 20, 2007

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