"Halo players" infecting Left 4 Dead

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Just recently, I posted up an article about how I had realised that so many gamers had lost the concept of fun in gaming and are just bent on proving how amazing they are and how much everyone else is a loser.

Well it seems that I am not the only one because Destructoid have put up a post about how their Left 4 Dead experience has become a nightmare ever since a certain group of players happened to find a copy of the game on a shelf between their butt slaps and high fives.

The article is really rough in the language department, just as a taste, I have edited a short bit to let you see what I mean:

“As such, I bought the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead and have, on the whole, been enjoying the title non-stop.

That is, until the day YOU ***holes discovered it. I’m talking to you, the generic, uninteresting, stereotypical moron who ends up polluting every Xbox Live game with your Halo-drenched presence. The complete ****head who makes it his ambition to turn Xbox Live into the inner city basketball court he’s too much of a **ssy to hang out at in real life.’

At the very least check it out because it is quite a laugh.

Click here to read the article – [ Warning: Incredibly bad language that will make your mother cry, a lot ]

Last Updated: December 10, 2008

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