Halo Reach will Reach Places Other Games Didn’t Even Know Existed

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Responding to community questions posted over at bungie,net, Chris Opdahl, Halo Reach’s lead campaign designer, has said Bungie’s next – and possibly last – Halo game will have moments which go “well beyond what anyone has done before on a console.”

Using much more hyperbole than really necessary, he’s detailed a few of the things that are set to make Halo Reach more than just your average console game.

“We absolutely could not have made Reach without all of the engineering magic that went on. The sheer volume of code changes and how much more we can do because of them is staggering,” he said.

“We have imposters, AI LOD, a new memory management system, networking (both synchronous and asynchronous), neuticle system, Big Battle flocks, new flying vehicle behaviors, stimulus system, new damage model, physics updates and improvements, perception models, lighting model upgrades… And that is just the few things off the top of my head.”

“All of those together allow us to make moments that we have never been able to do in a Halo game. We are also able to achieve a visual fidelity for those moments (at the scale of a Halo encounter that you have come to expect) well beyond what anyone has done before on a console.”

Neuticle system, eh? So Halo Reach really is going to be the dog’s bollocks. Halo Reach makes its way to Xbox 360 this September, and will be the company’s last Halo game before they go off and make a brand new IP for Activision.

Source : bungie

Last Updated: July 19, 2010

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