Halo: The Master Chief Collection is going to swallow all your hard drive space

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In completely obvious news, games are big today. Really big. Bigger than your disappointment when you file your tax returns. So it should come as no surprise that the upcoming HD re-beautifying of Halo 1-4 is going to be rather massive.

According to Microsoft, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will clock in at 65GB of hard drive real estate, off of a compressed 45GB Blu-Ray disc. With a day one 20GB patch. That’s 85GB in total,  or around the majority of your Xbox One hard drive. Time to start deleting some games then.

Of course, there are various factors at play here. First off, the game does indeed look prettier. Hell, that’s the entire hook behind the collection, as HD textures aren’t exactly small. Throw in other visual upgrades and uncompressed audio, multiply by four and there you go, one massive game.

As for the patch, executive producer Dan Ayoub stated on Halo Waypoint that the size was a reflection of the desire to not cut any corners. That, and the disc was most likely too full to fit the rest of the textures in I suppose.

“Yes, the update is large, but we weren’t about to cut corners to save disc space” Ayoub said.

This ensures that you are getting every bit of Halo goodness we can fit in. Our work is not done, however, as we continue to tune, tweak and optimize the online experience to ensure a smooth multiplayer launch. This will continue right up until launch day.

Which is good news I suppose for the game. It’s bad news for anyone who happens to be on anything less than a 10Mb line, as that update is going to require plenty of overnight downloading. My 2 meg line is already screaming.

Last Updated: October 20, 2014

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