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Hands on with Family Guy

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One of the more oddball titles I got to experience at Gamescom 2012 was that of Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse which is an entire game based on an episode from Season 8 of the smash hit TV series, Family Guy.

The plot is as straight forward as something like this can be with you taking control of either Stewie (the baby man child) or Brian (the psychotic dog) and entering into the world of the multiverse which is split into 8 separate universes over 10 levels.

We got to play the handicapable level where disabled people have taken over the world and for some reason, that we weren’t told, are attacking you. The typical Family Guy humour is everywhere to be seen with all parking spaces being marked as for disabled only and people hobbling around on shotgun crutches.

It’s definitely not politically correct but when was Family Guy ever politically correct.

The gameplay consists of you running around shooting pretty much everything you see while trying to complete your objective. Secondary objectives can be triggered mid game, in our stage once Stewie blew up a car a secondary objective of destroy all the vehicles was flashed upon the screen.

You can switch between the two characters at will with both having a different weapon and play style and you can also co-op the levels which looks like a lot of fun for 2 Family Guy fans.


All the original voice actors are on board and the story line in the campaign is being written by the shows writers so you know the authenticity will be there.

Another nice addition to the game comes in the form of co-op challenges where you and a friend team up to take on set levels, in these challenges you can be anyone of the Family Star characters and the level we attempted was one where we had to kill all the Amish before they converted the innocent citizens of a town.

That’s all we had time for, Family Guy is coming this holiday season to Xbox 360 and PS3 and when asked about a Wii-U release they stated that there has been nothing announced.. which is helpful.

I’m interested in seeing at what price point the game releases at and whether the humour is carried through the entire game, if it’s a decent price and the story is good then this is going to be a great fun addition to your catalogue.

Last Updated: August 23, 2012

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