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Hands on with the women of FIFA 16

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So this last weekend I downloaded FIFA 16 and gave it a quick spin. But one of the most obvious new additions that I had to try was playing some games with the new women teams in the game.

My first thought when the women’s teams were announced was how they were going to rate female players in the game. Would they go with ranking them equally against their male counterparts or would they get their own ranking system entirely? When my first match started I noticed some of my players in the high 80’s and early 90’s which would put them on par with players like Messi and Suarez. So this either meant they were using the same system and being ranked incorrectly against the male players or they had an entirely new ranking system.

But it became quite clear when I started playing with the players, who were fantastically rendered, sometimes having some issues controlling the ball and the odd shot or pass going a little more wayward than you’d expect.

It really is hard to tell but I’d guess the women’s 80 rank is around the 50 male rank mark with the top women players being around the 65 mark on the male team.

Is this fair or accurate? Honestly I have no idea, I’ve not had the pleasure of watching a professional women’s FIFA game.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game and it’s great to see that EA is bringing more diversity into their games but if I had to be entirely honest I don’t see myself choosing to play in the women’s division again. I like to imagine I’m as great as Messi, Ronaldo and Suarez at football and that is why I always go for the very best team in the world, Liverpool. Shut up.

I like playing as the underdog and building them up to take over the world but since the women’s teams can’t play the men’s teams then again there isn’t any reason for me personally to play this.

Thankfully games aren’t made just for me though so I hope to see the inclusion of women and other underrepresented people in FIFA last forever, and help bring more people in to the world of video games.

Last Updated: September 21, 2015

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