Has BT Games let the GoW 4 cat out of the bag? Again.

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Imagine my surprise this morning when I’m browsing IGN to see what happened in the States over the weekend and low and behold an article appears about our very own BT Games in Cresta, just down the road.

Apparently BT have been a little naughty an have started taking pre-orders for God of War IV before Sony has even announced it.

Now retailers around the world have been known to take pre-orders for unannounced but obvious titles before but I do know that the retailers have recently been overseas to check out the latest offerings and while they are generally tight lipped about anything they see there I wouldn’t be surprised if God of War 4 was announced to them and someone just forgot to keep it a secret.

We’re going to see if they’ll confirm anything for us and update this story if we hear anything back – though it’s worth noting that BTGames originally had the title up for pre-order as early as February this year, and had Diablo 3 on pre-order years ago.

Also could someone tell Tyla Daniels to rather tip the local guys first

Last Updated: April 16, 2012

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