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Has EA given up on the Wii-U already?

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I like the Wii-U, Geoff and Zoe are also solid fans of the new Nintendo device but by the look of things that’s about all the fans the poor console has at the moment and the latest news that EA is currently not making any games for the Wii-U isn’t helping.

Jeff Brown, company spokesperson for EA Games had the following to say to Kotaku

We have no games in development for the Wii U currently,

It’s a surprising turn of events seeing that 2 years ago at E3 2011 the CEO of EA Games got up on stage at the Nintendo conference and stated

What Nintendo’s new console delivers speaks directly to the players of EA Sports and EA Games. Nintendo’s new console will produce brilliant high-definition graphics and new gameplay opportunities. We look forward to seeing great EA content on this new platform.

And I believed him then, the idea of having a touchpad styled tablet is perfect for games like Madden, FIFA and even Tiger Woods Golf (choosing clubs). It’s one of the few genres where the touchpad would be incredibly useful and as the sports team is one of the largest earners in EA it seemed a no brainer.

But the poor sales and lack of industry acceptance appears to have killed off those chances and I for one am upset that I can’t get a proper FIFA game where I can change tactics on the fly using a graphical tablet interface.

I blame you.. and Nintendo’s pricing and marketing strategy. Actually I totally blame Nintendo’s marketing and pricing strategy. When was the last time you saw a Nintendo advert outside of a sales brochure? Marketing is important people and not letting people know what your product does, especially when it is breaking new boundaries, is commercial suicide.

Last Updated: May 17, 2013

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