Has the ghost left the building?

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The ghost is gone Remember a while back when we reported that the Ghostbusters had been put on hold thanks to the Activision/Blizzard merger?

Well fast forward a month and we are in exactly the same spot… No one has come to save ether Ghostbusters or the 50 cent game… Though the latter is not surprising.

However the Ghostbusters one is very worrying now as it is obvious that a large portion of the fans want to see this game and the fact that it hasn’t been picked up leaves me to think of only 2 possibilities.

1. It’s utterly overpriced and no publisher will pay that much for it.

2. It’s crap… It may have an awesome story and have been in development for ages but do we honestly think Activision and Blizzard would have canned a great game?

I think we need to accept that even if this game does get picked up it, isn’t going to be the game we so desire.

Source: OXM

Last Updated: September 8, 2008

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