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Has Xbox replaced Sony as the home of JRPGs?

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My previous console purchasing decisions all followed a similar line of reasoning. It wasn’t that I was a Sony fan girl, but rather that I became one by default because of all the exclusive JRPGs released on the platform. Granted, there were notable exceptions such as Lost Odyssey, but as a general rule it seemed that Xbox focused on shooters while PlayStation was all about the RPGs. However, that tendency might be shifting.

Over on Pure Xbox, two new JRPGs have been announced, and they are Xbox One exclusives. One is scheduled to launch in Q1 2016 while the other isn’t quite nailed down but expected sometime between 2016 and 2017.

I am curious to follow this trend of which games end up as PlayStation exclusives as compared to Xbox One exclusives. Final Fantasy has already shifted from being a PlayStation exclusive to being cross platform, and plenty of other JRPGs are opting instead to release on 3DS and Vita instead of PS4 or Xbox One. However, I think the demand is still out there for massive scale JRPGs – just look at all the excitement around FFXV. There is potential for JRPGs to make a come back, and maybe even help to sell consoles again, but they would have to be something really special. Perhaps the Final Fantasy VII remake will help during its timed release, but it’s true exclusives that really make a difference.

Did one genre or another help to sway you towards a specific console, or was it all about the hardware capabilities? Both consoles have a strong lineup of games coming; it will be increasingly difficult to choose between the two.

Last Updated: September 14, 2015

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