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Have you played Braid?

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In case you haven’t heard about Braid yet, it is a 2D adventure puzzle game available on Xbox Live Arcade that is raking in some massive scores on Metacritic.

How massive? Well, Braid has pulled in an average score of 92% making it the tenth highest rated game ever to be released on the Xbox 360 and yes, that includes full retail games as well. With beautiful visuals that look like a painting in motion and a refreshing angle on puzzle solving and time control, it’s doing a great job of getting the attention of the gaming press by ignoring the rules and giving gamers something fresh and different to look forward to.

When looking through the reviews on Metacritic, it doesn’t take long to realise that Braid is one of those games that make a mark in gaming, doing something so different that it makes you realise how games released these days are nothing but clones and how so many of them lack any sort of innovation.

1UP, who I believe to be very harsh on their reviews, gave it 100% and had the following to say about Braid in their review:

“Excellent but intellectually limited as a puzzle-platformer, Braid is made truly divine with emotional depth and a bittersweet humanity — a monumentally relevant game that speaks highly of its creators and their potential audience’s tolerance for new ideas. To say nothing of an absolutely brilliant, emotionally devastating “ending” that proves that time isn’t really that malleable after all.”

Interested yet? Well, maybe it’s not you cup of tea. Why not download the demo and find out for yourself. As gamers we feel the need to promote games like this because its not every day that a developer breaks all the rules and makes the sort of title that makes us all feel proud to be gamers and remember why its quite possibly the best “hobby” in the world.

If you don’t own an Xbox 360 then you will be happy to hear that a PC version is on the way. The official website says makes no mention of a PSN version just yet, but if all goes well (which seems to be the case) we will hopefully be seeing one (and if we are lucky a PSP version) soon.

Braid is currently available at the price of 1200 Microsoft Points, roughly R170 for those who are on a UK account.

Last Updated: August 11, 2008

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