Haze – First Impressions

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After rAge this past weekend, I must say, I shall be keeping my eye on this game. The Megarom stand had all its latest games on demo and showcase, part of which were Ubisoft games. I really hold Ubisoft in high regards as one of the best game developers if not the best game developer in the modern world today.

At the Ubisoft part of the Megarom stand they had games such as Blazing Angels 2: The secret missions of WWII, the Assassin’s Creed E3 demo and then they had Haze. Now for those people who own a PS3 you are in for a treat, though the game is still in development it looks absolutely amazing. The gameplay for a demo is fluid and the visuals and sounds on that HDTV really made it stand out. Overall it really felt like a must get game.

The story revolves around a substance called Nectar, it is a type of stimulant that makes you more aware, faster and stronger. Though overdosing on the stuff causing you to go into a rage where you shoot anything and everything. You also play on the rebel side where you are against, for the lack of a better word, the bumblebee squads.

The game looks and feels truly amazing, lets just hope Ubisoft with its magic is able to do it justice and pull it through. I might actually consider getting a PS3 for this game.

Last Updated: October 4, 2007

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