Hearthstone is getting a new… something.

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Last week, Blizzard teased a new hero and then went on to reveal that alternate portraits/characters were coming to Hearthstone. The teaser department is hard at work again it seems – there’s a new… something coming to the popular card game, but it what it is exactly, nobody knows… yet.

Perhaps your Sherlock skills are up to scratch, and you can solve this clue that popped up over on the Hearthstone Facebook and Twitter pages recently (via PC Gamer):

A rookie detective can easily spot that this new box appears in the game mode selection menu. What will it entail though? WHAT’S IN THE BOX? Is Hearthstone getting a new mode? Over on Reddit, the speculation keeps getting wilder and wilder.

Several are hoping for a tournament mode. The idea is that players pay an entrance fee to get placed in a small competitive event of sorts, consisting of say, 8-16 players. They play through the brackets to see who is the best. Winning or podium finishes could provide rewards such as gold or additional packs of cards.

Others are hoping for a 2 v 2 mode. This is pretty self-explanatory, though how it would word exactly is anybody’s guess. Would it be similar to the Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void Archon mode, where two players control a single army and base (or in this case, build and control a single deck)? Or will Blizzard implement the full 2 v 2 route, where there are four decks at play? Kill those dreams of co-op now, as they’ve denied such a mode being in the works on the German Hearthstone Page (via Hearthstone top decks):


A pity really. 2 v 2 Hearthstone sounds like some ridiculously fun mayhem!

Lastly, some claim the mystery box may simply be a new place where a player can control/manage alternate heroes/purchases or view their stats. This to me doesn’t seem worthy of a teaser. I’m hoping that’s NOT what’s in the box.

As a bonus, here’s what captain_dickydoo (best name ever) thinks the new button will be:

Maybe a “Blizzard Bank” button where you can take out a loan with Blizzard so you can get all the new heroes and future add-ons. It’ll have a 30% interest rate as well as options to mortgage your house, car, and first born child.

I think we have a winner. In all seriousness, I think we may be seeing a tournament mode. It’s what the community have been wanting for a long time. Will that be the case? We’ll find out soon enough.

What do you think is in the box?

Last Updated: June 9, 2015

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