Hearthstone to have a $250 000 pot for Blizzcon 2014

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HEARTHSTONE! By now, pretty much everybody has experienced Blizzard’s ludicrously addictive card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It’s got the right balance now, it has an audience and it’s going to have plenty of cash on offer in time for Blizzcon this year. Poker, eat your heart out.

Blizzard will be ponying up a $250 000 pot to the best Hearthstone players from around the world at Blizzcon 2014. Broken up, that details a grand prize of $100 000 to the winner of their upcoming tournament, with second place getting $50 000.

Third and fourth place winners get to take home a cheque for $15 000 each, fourth and fifth place get to add $7500 each to their bank accounts while the ninth to 16th place champs get a $5000 prize.

So how do you get in? Blizzard will only have room for 16 entrants at the tournament, with qualifiers taking place in the assorted Americas, China, Korea/Taiwan and Europe. So you might want to book a plane ticket to London if you happen to have skills that pay the bills.

From those tournaments, 130 qualifying players will then be given a chance to thin the card game herd down to the required 16 players, before jetting off to Anaheim for the November edition of Blizzcon.

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Naturally, this year will be a much bigger version of the 2013 invitational, which consisted of eight players going head to head in the beta version of Hearthstone. That’s a lot of cash on offer, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go fill my deck with Murlocs and hope for the best, or the heart of the cards.

Last Updated: May 26, 2014

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