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Hearthstone’s new Witchwood expansion already has a one-turn killer combo

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NEW HEARTHSTONE EXPANSION, WHO DIS? Blizzard’s stupidly-popular (and free!) card game is back with a bang this month, thanks to a swampy new expansion in the form of The Witchwood. New cards, new strategies and you can bet your favourite deck that players have managed to uncover a one-turn killer combo in the expansion already.

You can thank the new Shaman legendary Shudderwock for that new match-deciding strategy. as the fella’s Battlecry ability is a key factor in this strategy. Here’s how it works according to PC Gamer:

Players will need to build a pool of specific Battlecries which the Shudderwock has the ability of repeating thanks to its effect.

  • The Saronite Chain Gang Battlecry “summon a copy of this minion”, which will result in two Shudderwocks being summoned.
  • The Lifedrinker who can land three damage to an opponent and restore your own life for the same amount.
  • A Murmuring Elemental who can cast your next Battlecry twice, then a Grumble Worldshaker who will return your Murmuring Elemental to your hand and lower its cost to one.
  • Alternatively, you can play a Fire Plume Harbinger who will reduce the cost of your Murmuring Elemental to one while it’s in your hand.

Okay, here’s where things get tricky. From this point on, the strategy is as follows:

  • Once you have 10 mana. your Shudderwock and a Murmuring Elemental that’ll cost you only one of your precious resource, you can launch your attack.
  • Play the Murmuring Elemental and double your 9 mana Shudderwock’s effect.
  • Saronite Chain Gang will see the Shudderwock summon a copy of itself, dealing three face damage to an opponent because of the effect of your Lifedrinker.
  • Grumble will see the cloned Shudderwock returned to your hand and its cost reduced to one.
  • Next turn, you can play another Mana Shudderwock to deal three damage again, multiplying that cycle to dish out ten Shudderwocks in total to land 30 damage.

Crazy, right? I don’t even understand half the words I’ve written, which read like a recipe for a new chocolate at Willy Wonka’s factory of candy and child endangerment. It’s as complex a combo as can be, requiring a precise selection of cards, the luck of the draw and a keen eye to actually play it. Something I love seeing done in Hearthstone, a game which regularly breaks itself with each new combo introduced.

Don’t expect this combo to last for long however, as Blizzard usually nips these overkill decks in the bud whenever they’re discovered.

Last Updated: April 13, 2018

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