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Heavy Rain Demo Hits PSN In February

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The first quarter of this year is jam packed with some heavy hitters and out of those titles, there are some that I simply cannot wait to get my hands on. Heavy Rain is one of them.

Thanks to reply in the comments section of a post on the Official European Playstation Blog from one of the staff, one Mike Kebby, we now know that there will be a demo for Heavy Rain available in the Playstation Store on February 11.

Now, since this isn’t an official announcement, and mistakes do happen, we will have to file this one under rumour until we have word from the right people.

I hope it’s true, although there is that part of me who wants to experience the game fully with the full release rather than only play a short segment of it.

Source: EU PS Blog

Last Updated: January 22, 2010

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  1. Hmm.. I wasn’t planning on downloading the demo, since I’m already sold on this game. But after checking the local release date on some of our online retailers, I might get it just to pass the wait… Apparently we’re only getting Heavy Rain in March…
    BT games has it listed for 12 March 2010. Other sites like Take2 have it rather vaguely listed as just March 2010..Hopefully those are only placeholders..I’ll be very ticked off if we really have to wait an extra week or two.. :angry:


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