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Heavy Rain – Just An Interactive Movie?

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While there are very few who would disagree that Heavy Rain is looking really interesting, there are a few things that needed to be pointed out about the direction that it is taking.

What makes what I am about to say even more interesting is the fact that today, David Cage, the boss of Quantic Dreams actually said that he considered Heavy Rain to be “the most important title for next year”.

Really? Why on earth would he say that?

There is no doubt that the game is looking visually stunning and the concept is interesting to say the least, but after looking at some gameplay footage and watching a developer interview I really have to wonder what the buzz is all about.

In the developer interview, the previously mentioned David Cage speaks about how Heavy Rain is a different interactive experience and how it allows people to interact and not only watch a story. The gameplay footage says otherwise though.

From what we have seen so far, the game looks to be the equivalent to a movie that breaks for some quicktime events. Now while we have seen very little of the game so far, this is the footage that they decided to show off as their first gameplay video.

While the story may prove to be a deep and emotional experience it kind of feels like they are basically making a movie and then adding some mini-games onto it to make it interactive. This is an interesting concept as far as I can see and may indeed may be an interesting way to tackle storytelling in the future but does it make this game important?

I’m interested to learn more about the game as more details pour out onto the internet but I fail to see what exactly it is that the developers are aiming for here and whether or not this game could truly be considered a game rather than an interactive “film”.

What do you guys think? Do you think the game is onto something or do you think that it may just be too early to really tell what it’s going to offer?

Last Updated: August 28, 2008


  1. Off course he would say that about a product from his company , building the hype.
    I think we have to wait for more hands on previews.


  2. SlippyMadFrog

    August 28, 2008 at 14:28

    I think it all boils down to the experience you are having while playing. If it turns out to be an interactive movie but the gameplay is fun, it’s great regardless. If it’s boring, oops.


  3. darthdad

    August 28, 2008 at 14:46

    I think I’ll wait and see a bit more before getting too excited.
    I don’t enjoy the whole “turn to page 6 if you want to go west, 7 for north, and 23 for south” feel it’s got at the moment.


  4. JimBob

    August 28, 2008 at 15:06

    Playing Faharenheit (indigo Prophecy) – if you like it, you’ll like this. If not, your loss.

    I’m glad it’s not another racing game or FPS/


  5. Nick - Lazygamer

    August 28, 2008 at 15:17

    This game also instantly reminded me of indigo prophecy as well as that other game made by those folks who made Syberia (cant remember its name now). It seems interesting but I still dont know why its being made out to be some sort of next step in gaming.


  6. Milesh Bhana

    August 28, 2008 at 18:08

    I’m sure that closer to the time we’re going to start hearing “spiritual successor to Faharenheit” being thrown around. That really is the impression they’re trying to give.

    I like Fahrenheit, it was interactive movie meets point-and-lcick adventure game.

    Milesh Bhanas last blog post..Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune [PS3]


  7. ocelot

    August 28, 2008 at 19:05

    They also made Omikron – The Nomad Soul which was one of the most underrated games ever. It even had David Bowie in it!


  8. SlippyMadFrog

    August 29, 2008 at 09:31

    And a sex scene 😎


  9. xyber

    August 29, 2008 at 12:36

    Was Omikron that introduced me to the great David Bowie, now I have ALL his tracks. 😀

    David Cage keeps going on about the emotion in Heavy Rain and how im portant it is, and I think that is why he thinks this will be an important title, as it brings back emotion to games or soemthing to that line. Well, it better be hectic good then. Just that one scene in FF7 with Aeris was some good emotional gaming, whatever, to tyo have fond memories of that game.


  10. Arun

    September 1, 2008 at 08:58

    never played any previous games from this team, but graphics are out of d world.


  11. Anonymous

    November 4, 2009 at 22:58

    You’re absolutely right. It’s nothing more than an interactive movie.


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