Heavy Rain wasn’t possible on any other platform

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During a developer session at Eurogamers Expo the Quantic Dreams founder and CEO, David Cage, was forced into answering that question that everyone loves to hate.

He was asked whether Heavy Rain could have been developed on any other platform and after a pause and a sigh (most probably thinking about articles like this) he admitted that he didn’t think so.

The PS3’s hardware and architecture apparently make it extremely powerful for dedicated PS3 engines that then allow you to create ultra realistic graphics… the downside is that you cannot then port this engine onto any other platform.

Normally I now go into a tirade about how it’s garbage to state that any game isn’t possible on any platform, but I like Heavy Rain and the audible sigh lets him off the hook this time.

I am really stoked to see how this game turns out.

Source: ThatVideoGameBlog

Last Updated: November 2, 2009

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