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Hello. My name is Andre, and I am a Kaas.

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Erm….wait…what…Oh. Right….Feels like I should look for landmines.

Anyway, hello….MonsterCheddar, aka Kaas, aka Geoff’s Stalker, here.

As you can probably tell, I’m no writer. But I feel I need to say something. Yes, Yes, I normally spout drivel that goes with a GIF (JIFF, GEOFF, whatever) or a meme. But I have something to say and I hope you twallies will listen….or, erm….read.

Lazy Gamer, and later Critical Hit with its fabulous, yes Yozzie, pink new do, has been a home for many of us for a long time. We had our spats in the comment section, and Odin knows, Kaas did his fair share of fighting, being indignant about something or another stupid. But we also had our laughs and we had our friendships, albeit virtual. Because physical contact, perish the vile thought.

Yes, it got crazy and weird the last few months or so, and some bridges were burned, friendships lost, people left, voodoo dolls made and whatnot. But… even after I was banned, and yes, burn me at the stake dammit, I also did my fair share of being, well, not who I should be in the comment section, I vowed to never return. But I always came back, even if I couldn’t comment, to read the articles now and then.

But let’s leave the past, where it belongs. In the past. Forget the Night of the Long Banning and all that nonsense. It is the past and going on about it and pissing on the previous owners doesn’t really help the new ones, or us the community. That horse is dead, let it lie.

We know that some of the incredible writers, (yes, you don’t have to agree with or like someone to place value how they put their point across), left. And as with any new venture, as the one the new owners, are undertaking, there will be teething issues. And ours isn’t a very easy community to impress.

I know I might be asking much, but let’s not abandon this place, which is a happy place for so many, just yet. Let’s rekindle it, with encouragement, with support, and if some of you can write…then do it, damn it.

 I know, the Critical Hit Community is not short of talented people… or Bronies (*looks for Yozzie*), or whatever you see yourself as. Yes, we have our weirdo’s but we love them.

I know for a fact there is an Insane Frog out there that can spin a vivid tale, even if he is really as mad as a box of frogs….I saw some to the point writing form a certain bearded giant, Hammering his point home on our screens and in our hearts a while back. We gave him our opinions about his writing, but we loved it.

Out there lurking, stalking through the eons, is an ancient being, the Ahsoka loving, Alien Emperor (or is it Princess? It’s been a while…) Trevor…His gnarled, old fingers itching to type: “What do you think?”

There are many of you that visit this realm of, well, things that we love. Gaming, Movies, Techie stuff and much more. And I know some of you can make a real difference to the direction this site will go. Be it in the comments, be it with your contributions.

So, let’s keep this site alive. Let’s bring back the banter and the fun. But also…let’s be kinder to the new guys. Let’s be patient (remember that all the writers buggered off) and see where this leads.

This might be the start of something good. Give them a chance. You might even enjoy yourself.

PS…This might read like a demented monkey wrote it… but hey…I’m no writer, and I tried to contribute.

Last Updated: July 6, 2021

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