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Help make Boob Jam a thing… breast centric video games

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Gender issues are all the rage in the gaming industry right now, with any sexually provocative gaming character instantly becoming a target for internet hate from feminazis and white knights alike. Sometimes they have a point and sometimes they are just looking to raise their public profile by riding the next wave of righteousness as far as it can go.

But in all the abuse (and constructive commentary) I’ve personally received never once has it been raised that breasts are not something to be ignored and that they are in fact very useful and important aspects to 50% of the population.

Not all of that 50% like them and that causes anger and sadness while others find them helpful at times –  but at others quite debilitating.

And that is where the idea of Book Jam has come from.

Jenn Frank, and ex 1UP employee, has put together the idea to bring together everyone interested in making a game about breasts. Then over a set weekend, end of September is the plan, they will jam at it and the winner will be the best breast game made.

But before you get overly excited there is one rule:

“Again, The Boob Jam aims to approach the topic of boobs from any angle except as a plaything for straight cis guys.”

I despise the “cis” statement more than Geoff despises tall people but she refreshingly continues and states

“(Which isn’t to say they can’t be, but let’s investigate other meanings or perspectives!)”

I like that. She’s not trying to ostracise the people who enjoy looking and playing with breasts and is rather asking everyone to come together to investigate the deeper emotional and societal issues around having breasts.

It may be hard for straight males to imagine at first but think for a second of the emotional turmoil of having your gender physically removed due to possible cancer. Granted it’s not actually your gender but it is generally why you are first recognised as female. Imagine how that hurts every time someone calls you sir or stutters over how to address you.

What about if you are exceptionally busty and simply can’t find bras that fit, meaning you are constantly being sneered at for having your boobs droop, not to mention the fact that you can’t run without a bra without knocking yourself out. These are things that people often snicker at but they are real problems that deserve some coverage and I’m chuffed to see gaming making a stand here.

So if you are an indie developer who likes making a statement then please do enter and keep us up to date with your progress. As for the rest of you.. sorry to disappoint with the lack of open skin; we’re trying to keep it respectable here.

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Last Updated: August 1, 2013

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