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Help me get better at Apex Legends…please

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Apex Legends! The hottest game on the block!  It makes battle royale fun again and I don’t even need a headset to communicate with my team when playing it. It’s just a pity then, that I suck at it. Over on the weekend, a friend of mine (who totally wasn’t a sixth-scale Ben Affleck Batman figure frozen in terror at the thought of having to live eternity on my shelf) asked me if I had any tips for getting better at Respawn Entertainment’s game.

Talk about the blind leading the blind, am I right? Only in this case, it’s more like the blind leading the blind over a cliff and into a chasm that happens to be filled with acidic-lava, scorpions and people who tweet my own jokes back to me on social media. Thing is, I’d genuinely like to put together an article to help people up their game in Apex Legends.

Naturally, I’m the wrong person to ask for advice on this, in much the same way that I’m the last person that you should ever ask for help on getting something off the top shelf. So I need some tips. Specifically, I’m going to crowdsource and take full credit for these tips from you lot. So let’s put our heads together for some collective wisdom (ouch, not that hard)

If you’re interested that is. So if you legitimately do have some tips on how to git gud or even some obvious advice, I kind of want to hear it. I want to sift through your experience, your knowledge and your tips. And while I’m well aware that the most obvious tip for being good at Apex Legends is to make certain that Guild is on your friends list, I want some ideas that may be controversial, out of the box and even creative.

So sound off below, and let’s make something awesome.

Last Updated: February 25, 2019

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