Help remake Super Mario Bros – In Lego!

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Ever since Tim Schafer and his Double Fine Studios managed to hit it big with the crowd-sourcing initiative that is Kickstarter, we’ve seen a massive surge in gaming-related projects popping up.

Wasteland 2, Leisure Suit Larry, The Banner Saga and Police Warfare, these are just a few of the projects that are going to be up and running soon, thanks to funding from the eager masses.

And then you get one Kickstarter entrepreneur, who happens to be asking you to donate cash towards a Lego reconstruction of Super Mario Bros.

Oregon-based citizen Zachary Pollock is currently on a quest to raise cash so that he can buy a lot of Lego blocks. How much Lego you ask? Why, $26 400 worth actually! Pollock is hoping to be able to use these funds to recreate world 1-1 in all its 8 bit entirety, in a project that he estimates will use up to 780 000 blocks, and will be 1.8 meters tall, and 27 meters wide.

"I want to inspire a new generation of Lego enthusiasts," Pollock wrote on his Kickstarter page.

I also want to show people what they have forgotten, that building with Lego can be done at any age. My second goal is to use this project to test the waters for a foundation I would like to start that will work with children doing healing art projects using Lego bricks.

This project aims to push the limits of imagination about what you can do with Lego bricks and particularly to break down stereotypes people have about both Lego and video games only being toys.

I want to show the world Lego and video games can be works of art as well. Last but certainly not least I, and I think many other people, really want to see the entire level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. made from Lego because it is just FUN! Right now I think we all need a little more fun in our lives.

And as crazy as that project is, I actually dig it. The man has a point, and I’d love to see his dream realized. Plus, I’m an absolute sucker for anything that’s Lego.


Last Updated: April 17, 2012

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