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Report: 2K Secures Lego License for Lego Sport Games

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According to VGC, 2K has signed a new multi-game partnership with Lego to broaden its games to a younger demographic. This news comes as their exclusivity with Warner Bros.’ TT Games is set to expire soon.

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VGC stated that 2K has three Lego titles in development by various studios. The first is a football/soccer game by Sumo Digital (Team Sonic Racing, Sackboy: A Big Adventure). The second tile is an open-world Lego racing game in development by Visual Concepts (WWE 2K22). A third title is unknown but is based on a major sports franchise.

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The football title to release sometime this year alongside the FIFA World Cup. The racing game sometime in 2023. This partnership is 2K’s attempt to target a younger audience and view Lego as their ideal partner. 2K plans to use the many brands and licenses that Lego has and use characters from Marvel, Star Wars, and DC to entice viewers.

The deal will begin a new era for Lego games. Lego partnered with TT Games in 2005 having an exclusive contract with them, releasing their first title Lego Star Wars: The Video Game. Lego isn’t intending to extend their exclusivity deal with TT Games and is looking elsewhere for their future titles. If the deal is renewed, exclusivity won’t be part of the deal. The Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga releases this April (source), this may be the final title under TT Games.

There are a few reasons behind this deal turning sour. A decreasing sales of Lego games, the uncertainty of Warner’s future in the gaming sector, and alleged poor working conditions at TT Games, according to Polygon. This has led Lego to rethink its deal with the developer. This is a big blow for TT Games as they’ve enjoyed success over the years with their various Lego games. With each title selling millions and gaining good reviews over the years. This leaves the developer without much to do and on a slippery slope with Warner Bros.

We may see a big shift with future Lego games. As they expand to different developers Lego may work with other gaming studios and companies. A Lego PlayStation All-Stars game anyone?

What do you think about this partnership and what’s your favorite Lego game?

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Last Updated: March 1, 2022

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