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Chris McKay confirms that Lego Batman 2 isn’t happening

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When it comes to different versions of Batman, easily one of my favourites was Will Arnett’s brooding caped crusader from the Lego movies. Some people might prefer their caped-crusader to be moody and dark, but I loved the hilarious self-aware version of the character who got his own solo movie from director Chris McKay.

As successful and as popular as that version of Batman was though, making $368 million at the global box office, it looks like we’ll never be seeing that version of the character again. As McKay confirmed to Collider that with Lego now moving over to Universal Studios from Warner Bros. and Batman still very much remaining a Warner Bros. property, it’s unlikely they will ever get the chance to make a sequel:

Because LEGO has left Warner Brothers and is now over at Universal, there probably won’t be a LEGO Batman sequel, unfortunately. I am so sorry to say that but I don’t think they’ll be making a LEGO Batman 2…

Dan (Harmon) and (Michael) Waldron had done a first draft of the script that was really great. It was truly epic… both from an action standpoint and from a story standpoint. The structure was Godfather Part 2… a story about Batman’s relationship to the Justice League (and Superman) now as well as the formative moments of the Justice League (and Batman’s relationship with Superman) then…

It was about [friendship, change and] how hard it is to change. To commit to change. To stay on the new road you’ve carved for yourself. Especially when maybe you weren’t such a good guy to your friends. Your old friends might not be able to see the new you. They might still live in the past. But as the movie (and Robin) finds out… the past might be more complicated than it seems…

The studio was leery of LEGO Batman being an actual Batman movie so I was constantly told to hold back. Audiences (and subsequent movies like Into the Spider-Verse) proved them wrong. I would have quadrupled down on making it as much of a real Justice League movie (with lots of jokes, cameos, intersecting storylines, references, etc… it would have been a VERY dense movie) as humanly possible…

We had lots of great voice actors from The LEGO Movie and LEGO Batman. The villain was going to be Lex Luthor … and OMAC. There’s more of course (lots of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Lois). There was also going to be a big crossover at one point in the movie that you can only do in a LEGO movie. I’m sure you can guess what it was. The thing that will probably never happen in a live-action movie.

While it’s understandable, it’s a pity as the idea of seeing the Justice League together would’ve been an exciting one. We do not know what is next for the LEGO franchise as Universal hasn’t announced plans for the films just yet, but maybe we’ll finally get that Fast Saga and Jurassic Park crossover that everyone wants.

Last Updated: June 17, 2021

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  1. Original Heretic

    June 17, 2021 at 05:37

    Now that’s a damn shame.
    Watched it again recently, and it’s such a blast.


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