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We got an email from a lady named Paula – and she’s looking for gamers to help her with her research. She’s busy doing her honours in Psychology at Wits  – and is looking for 18-30 year old males to help her.

If you match that criterion, and you’re fluent in English with at least a NQF level 4 qualification (Matric or higher) – then you could be just the guy she’s looking for….for SCIENCE!

She’s looking for gamers who :

1. Have only played first or third person shooter games for at least the last 6 months
2. Have only played strategy games for at least the last 6 months

She’s looking to test (hopefully without the use of electrodes) cognitive function – probably to see if all those thinking man’s games actually make you smarter. If you match the criteria, and are keen on helping Paul out, feel free to send her a mail – at predictable[underscore]world [at] hotmail[dot]com. We’ve had a look and it’s all above board. she probably doesn’t want to harvest your kidneys. Probably.

Last Updated: July 27, 2012

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Geoffrey Tim

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