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Here is the high level Wii-U Spec Sheet

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I have to admit I expected more from Nintendo at this E3, they were the only guys rocking up with new hardware and they knew before hand that they had an uphill battle on their hands to try and convince the wider world that the Wii-U is a great idea and I don’t think they did that.

One CNN journalist wrote up an entire article (now altered) talking about how the Wii-U is a great peripheral for the Wii. 2 pages of talking about how great this accessory was and never realised it was a new console until it was published and the readers pointed it out.

And that really is the problem, yes the graphics are nicer but Nintendo didn’t do enough at E3 to showcase why anyone should really upgrade from their current Nintendo Wii.

We’ll have a lot more opinions about the Wii-U moving forward but for now take a look at the low high level spec sheet to see what the console has to offer.

Wii U Spec Sheet

Last Updated: June 7, 2012

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