Here’s 4 minutes of Super Mario 3D Land!

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Sorry, did I say Super Mario Land 3d? I meant S?p? Mario Sree-dee Rando, because the video’s entirely in Japanese – but it hardly matters; Mario is awesome in any language.

You’ll get to see a sample of Mario’s power-ups, including the returned from Super Mario Bros 3 Tanooki suit Mario, Metal Mario, A Boomerang suit that’s more than a subtle nod to the legend of Zelda and of course, the ubiquitous Fire Flower Mario. You’ll also et to see some of the challenges the game will throw at you – and it looks fantastic; like a beautiful blend of Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros. 3. I can’t wait; My 3DS has, admittedly, been feeling a little unloved of late and this’ll be just the thing to bring it out of hibernation.

Not enough Mario for you? Here’s another Mario 3D Land Trailer.

Last Updated: October 21, 2011

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