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Here’s a meaty list of wild new rumours for The Elder Scrolls VI

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If there’s one game I’m hungry for this decade, it’s a new chapter in The Elder Scrolls. 2011’s Skyrim still stands as one of my absolute favourite sandboxes, a glorious Nordic adventure filled with swords, sorcery and ye Daedric gods so many damn loading screens. A sixth Elder Scrolls game is on the way, but as usual Bethesda is keeping tight-lipped on anything related to it.

Fie on them! I’ve been digging around reddit and I came upon this treasure trove of information, with the original poster claiming to be close with Bethesda. I recommend pinching this much salt before reading further:

I haven’t seen this much salt since the Snyder Cut fans started moaning about the new Batmobile this morning.

Full of sodium? Great! Don’t blame me for kidney stones. Anyway, here’s a breakdown of the info on The Elder Scrolls VI, which I’m genuinely hoping is all true. Except for the part about the game being years AND YEARS away:

  • The Elder Scrolls VI takes place in High Rock and Hammerfell
  • The landmass glimpsed in the first trailer is Yokuda, the archipelago remnants of the Redguard’s homeland
  • The approach for High Rock is an area that is “more closely leaning into Mark Jones’s various concept work from Battlespire”
  • High Rock is described as a mystical world, quests have political intrigue and a whole lot of magic
  • No sword-singing in Elder Scrolls 6, as Bethesda wants to give players more options than just “a sword-summoning Jesus”
  • Players will embark on a quest to stop the Thalmor from exploiting tensions between Hammerfell and High Rock while they unmake all of creation using the Direnni Tower
  • A new quest system is being worked on, one similar to radiant quests but on “steroids”
  • There’ll be rescue quests, fetch quests and the like, but the NPCs attached to them all have their own lives to lead and unique behaviours in every playthrough of the game
  • Some NPCs will be programmed to follow certain functions though, to help move the plot along
  • Bethesda is aiming to keep loading screens to a bare minimum, such as for entering dungeons, the player home, and fast travel
  • Player homes are meant to be filled with the fruits of your adventures, to create your own custom space
  • Magic is being beefed up
  • Plenty of new spells are being added and inspiration is being taken from player mods like Phendrix
  • Alteration magic now allows you to alter the reality around you, such as summoning giant spikes, slowing down time or repairing armour
  • Illusion magic allows you to trick people into helping you by making them think you’re someone else or use calm, fury, fear, muffle, and invisibility to your advantage
  • Restoration magic has been inspired by Dark Souls to better suit Paladin players, and now uses sunlight to blind enemies, burn them and even cause disease damage
  • Weapons can be buffed with frost, shock, or fire damage
  • Levitation magic is also back, alongside spell-making
  • Crafting is similar to Fallout 4
  • Weapons can be modified to suit your style of play, such as making a mace heavier or transforming it into a morningstar with spikes so that you can inflict bleed damage
  • Swords can be customised to be longer at the cost of reduced speed, and vice versa
  • You can even modify your hilt so that you don’t lose your weapon so easily
  • Guilds and factions are being fine-tuned to have a more unique identity and more interesting quests
  • The Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Fighter’s Guild and Mages Guild (in a new more fragmented form) will all return
  • Vampires are also back, each with different clans and levels of vampirism that allow for some members to exist in the day
  • If you choose this path, there’ll be a lot of blood magic to experiment with, at the cost of some NPCs attacking you on-site depending on your level of Vampirism infection
  • There’ll be fighter, mage and stealth vampire courts to choose from
  • No DLC plans just yet, although those plans will change the closer the game gets to completion and allows for Bethesda to look towards the future
  • Bad news: The Elder Scrolls VI will have a release date of November 2025.

Honestly, I might just enter a cryosleep tube so that I can wake up in a few years and get my groove on as a nigh-unstoppable vampire lord who wields terrifying blood magic against peasants. Prepared to be repressed, ye proles.

Last Updated: March 5, 2020

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