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Here's the full official version of Adele's SKYFALL theme song! Karaoke style!

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Oh and we nearly forgot: Happy World James Bond Day everybody! There’s free cake at Darryn’s place!

But back to the headline… After playing some aural foreplay earlier in the week, we finally get the real deal today as promised. And just like I predicted, the theme is a throwback to the classics from Bond’s early days. Close your eyes and tweak your hearing a bit, and you could easily imagine that this was being sung by Shirley Bassey. If Shirley Bassey was a perpetually heartbroken, chubby English chick, that is.

The song was released on Adele’s Youtube channel early this morning, in the form of a very simplistic, sky-invoking video complete with lyrics (how very karaoke of them), but it was beaten to the punch when an Australian radio station broke the scheduled release date by a couple of hours. This is the point where all the South Africans shake their head slowly and go “Damn Aussies”.

But enough about bad behaviour in a penal colony, lets get to why we’re actually here. Here’s the full song, which I’ve already got stuck in my head. It may not knock my personal favourite of the modern era – Garbage’s “The World is Not Enough” – off its throne, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t get pretty close. I have a feeling that come Oscar time, we’ll be seeing this on the list.

OK now, one more time and I want everybody to sing along now! WHEN THE SKYFAAAAAAL…

Last Updated: October 5, 2012

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