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Heroes of the Storm hero spotlight: Anub’arak the traitor king

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Well here’s something we haven’t done forever! I hope you missed it, because we’re giving Heroes of the Storm loving once more with some hero spotlights. A long time ago, we looked at Nova, the sneaky ghost who excels at sniping off weaker targets. This week we will check out Anub’arak, the traitor king from the Warcraft universe.

Here’s his trailer video. He seems pretty pissed off I’d say!


I’ve only played Anub’arak once (which can be viewed in the video below), but from what I can gather, he is an imitator/tank. I don’t quite see him being a hard hitting carry, at least not with the initial talents I had access too. He is quite tough to take down, what with his shield and his escape mechanism.

Nyx Assassin Skizzles

He has access to not one, but two stuns. Impale has decent range, and the range can be extended via one of the first talents. It is perfect keeping enemies in place, or covering a getaway for your team. There is a delay though, so aware enemies will easily dodge it. Harden carapace is simply a shield. It’s what makes Anub’arak that little bit tankier.

Burrow not only serves as both a getaway and initiation ability. It has reasonable range, and stuns enemies at the end of it’s path. The ability can be activated early, bringing Anub’arak up earlier and allowing  for precise stuns.

All of these abilities are complimented with Scarab Host, a little beetle that spawns with the use of any ability. This makes Anub’arak somewhat decent at pushing and defending a lane.

Ultimate Abilities

Nyx Assassin Ultis

I only got to try out Locust Swarm in my gameplay video. It makes Anub’arak just that bit tankier, hurting enemies in an AOE and healing himself somewhat in the process.

Web Blase will be perfect for isolating enemies. It can be broken, but I can still see it being useful in a team fight, forcing enemies to either rid their ally of the webbing, or focus on the attack at hand.

Out of the two, I think I would take Web Blast. This of course all depends on the game situation. If you have more than enough lockdown, you can always go for Locust Swam which packs a decent punch.


As far as I can tell, Anub’arak is hte hero that should be starting fights. He is tanky enough to sustain a good few blows. You just have to pray your team follows up, especially if you’re with a bunch of randoms. If they do though, it’s a team fight that will be hard to lose.

If you’re uncomfortable diving in head first, feel free to kick things off with your impale. At least this gives some sort of indication to your team that you are looking to fight. Once this is done, armour up and burrow in.

Keep in mind that the use of each ability will spawn a teeny minion to help you fight. One might not do any significant damage, but three will. If you find yourself alone with an enemy, it might be best to fight them WITHOUT using your burrow charge, saving it for a possible escape, or for securing the kill if applicable.

My game with the hero went horribly. I’m inclined to blame my team though, like any good MOBA player tends to do.

I hope you have checked your BattleNet desktop recently. A ton of invites have gone out since I last did one of these guides. If you do have access, be sure to let me know! Let’s team up and have some fun!

Keep in mind that the game is still in Alpha, meaning that stuff can change as it develops. If you have any recommendations, questions, suggestions, or hero spotlight requests, please do leave them below. If I can afford them with my in-game gold, I will happily do a video for them.

Last Updated: November 21, 2014


  1. How about a vid on Gazlowe or Murky?


  2. HairyEwok

    November 24, 2014 at 10:29

    Why do you show this, I’ve opted so many times to Blizzard so I can play this game but they’re like, hmmm South African, just ignore or else we’ll get ebola.


    • Vossie

      November 24, 2014 at 18:29

      Lol, me and a couple of my friends got alpha invites.


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