Heroes of the Storm is getting more Diablo loving at the end of June

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Heroes of the Storm launched at the beginning of this month, bringing with it Johanna, the Crusader. Shortly after that, we got a glimpse of a brand new Eternal Conflict battleground, as well as a new hero, The Butcher. Noticing a pattern here? Blizzard are obviously focusing on Diablo themed content for their MOBA, and they’re not done yet.

At the E3 PC Gaming Show, Blizzard unveiled two other Diablo heroes that will be joining the fray come the end of this month: Leoric, the skeleton king, and the Monk, whose name remains unknown at the moment. The monk’s abilities remain a mystery too, but at least we have an idea of what Leoric is capable of:

His passive looks all kinds of awesome (and annoying to the enemy team). When Leoric dies, he turns into a wraith. He can move around the battlefield slowing enemies, and reducing his death cooldown timer in the process. When he respawns, he does so at the Wraith. I can’t wait to give him a bash!

Oh, here’s what the Monk looks like in case you were wondering.


Blizzard also announced the inclusion of a treasure goblin. According to Gosu Gamers, this little bugger will spawn before the game begins, during the very first 30 seconds. Whoever manages to kill the goblin will earn themselves bonus gold at the end of the match.

It’ll look like this. I am expecting many tarnished friendships in the near future.


The Eternal Conflict patch should arrive at the end of the month. It’ll hit the PTR on June the 23rd, and be released a week later if no obvious issues are present. While I’m looking forward to all the new heroes, it’s the new map I can’t wait to try out!

Also, I wonder when we can expect the Wizard to arrive. Will that maybe be a surprise announcement closer to the time?

Last Updated: June 18, 2015

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