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Heroes Over Europe – Hands-On Preview – We Fight Some Dogs

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There have been many times that we have heard about the heroes and great battles of World War 2 throughout multiple movies, books, videogames and pretty much whatever other medium you can think of.

Heroes Over Europe is the sequel to 2005’s Heroes Of The Pacfic and takes you through the life of a gung-ho fighter pilot who wants to make his mark in the RAF and become a hero with lots of medal, fame and fortune.

I climbed inside the cockpit, strapped on my daft looking helmet-thing and set out to test my flight skills in this upcoming WW2 dogfighter.

To give you a rough and quick idea of what Heroes Over Europe entails, it is an arcade-style flight game that will initially feel very familiar to anyone who has played the Blazing Angels series.


Throughout the games campaign you will travel all over Europe taking on missions that sometimes span over huge levels, all mostly focussed on dealing with bombers and dogfighting other fighters.

One major difference from other games of this type is the inclusion of an Ace-Kill function. When you are close enough to another plane, you charge a meter around your crosshair by keeping your targeting reticule on the plane for a couple of seconds. Once it is charged to a certain point you can initiate the Ace-Kill mode which zooms in and slows everything down, whilst highlighting key weak points on the plane. If you manage to hit the point with, you will take the enemy out in one shot.

Charge it up into the last parts of the full bar and you can link shots together, causing massive amounts of devastation to your enemies.

More planes are unlocked as you progress through the campaign mode and your missions are preceeded by some very nifty looking cutscenes that include everything from real footage to original art of the characters and the “propaganda” feel from those days. All of this is presented in a vibrant and upbeat sort of way and the game also comes with multiplayer four multiplayer modes

Heroes Over Europe release in September 2009 for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Last Updated: August 11, 2009

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