Hey! Asus is making their own version of Kinect!

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And it’s for the PC, so any of you PC-gamers who are dying to get your motion-sensing gaming on but are loathed to buy a console, then Asus has your back. I mean, you could always get Kinect and download those open-source PC drivers, but that requires some tinkering and patience, but who has any of that stuff?

Right this moment the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is on in Las Vegas until Sunday 09 January 2011. We can expect a bevy of gadgety news to come out between now and then; news like Asus and PrimeSense’s take on Kinect.

PrimeSense is the developer behind the hardware that’s in Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral. They spent a lot of money developing the tech and as such it’s understandable that they want to license it to other companies.

According to the PC peripheral’s official press release, the controller will be wireless, enable gesture-based navigation of PCs, media, social networks and even games. There will be an iTunes App Store sort of download service launched alongside the device. The unit is expected to go on sale in the second half of 2011. There’s also mention of a worldwide release “in phases”.

So what’s the device called? It has to have a flashy name; something that separates it from the rest of the peripheral devices; something like the WAVI Xtion! No really, it stands for Wireless Audio and Video Interaction system. And the “Xtion” part? That’s the name of PrimeSense’s motion-capture hardware.

Man, that is an awesome name right there; it just rolls off the tongue so well.

Source: Business Wire [via Kotaku]

Last Updated: January 6, 2011

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