Hey did you hear about the Anita Sarkeesian posters at E3?

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The person half the community love to hate while the other half think she’s a hero is back in the spotlight thanks to some very strange posters that appeared to popup around E3 this past week.

According to a post on Destructoid the below posters were seen around E3

Popping up all around E3 this morning are a series of posters aimed at attacking feminist video game critic Anita Sarkeesian. Walking to the convention this morning I saw over a dozen of the posters in just a few minutes. The background of the posters features #GamerGate written repeatedly in light grey text.

The black and white posters clearly show Sarkeesian’s face with a play on her Fem Frequency account now saying Fem Freak and the statement “All your tropes belong to us honey”

The background is made up of #GamerGate text in light grey writing.

I’m not a fan of Anita at all but I don’t like to see this sort of thing. She’s got just as much right as anyone else to air her opinions and she shouldn’t be publicly shamed for that.

However that’s not why I’m writing this, to be honest I’m more worried about how Destructoid has covered this as some of their claims instantly set off my bullsh!t meter.

It seems these posters were created by a group known as “Unsavoury Agents”. The group frequently create art designed to turn groups against each other and cause public anger. The group is also known to place razor blades underneath these posters to cause harm to those who try to remove them.

The idea that people put razor blades behind posters, or in candy and fruit, instantly sounds like an old wives tale and as such I took to google to see if this claim could be backed up.

First up the Unsavoury Agents group does exist but their art doesn’t appear to be linked at all and they mainly target political opponents like Hilary Clinton and The Bush family. But also things like Abortion Barbie and 911.

Then there isn’t a single reference I can find to these guys every putting razor blades behind posters.

After that we did some more research and found some other posters in the same fashion that have been posted anonymously like this one and this one. But again both of these are political statements and again there is no reference to razor blades at all.

So not only are the claims that the Unsavoury Agent are behind it without merit the outrageous claim about the razor blades is also not backed up with any facts.

How are we supposed to completely discredit the GamerGate movement when things like the Destructoid piece are posted without backing and then replicated all over the rest of the gaming sites. Since when did the idea of research get thrown out of the window just because a journalist doesn’t like what a group stands for. (Or implies they stand for)

Imagine it this way, if this wasn’t Anita or related to gaming would we be so quick to dismiss this as being some sort of publicity stunt? That outrageous claim has about as much factual backing as the razor blade claim.

Come on people we can do better than this and this post really is just about ethics in journalism.

Last Updated: June 19, 2015

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