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Hitman – Episode 2: Sapienza guide

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The beauty of Hitman is experimentation. Just like those years I spent after high school playing around with electronic dance music Deejaying that left my parents even more bitterly disappointed than ever in my life choices. Hitman games are a sandbox of opportunities and murder, with players in a vast stage of death and deceit.

Some of those kills are blatantly obvious! Others aren’t. But here’s a taste of what you can get up to in the latest episode, as you track down two targets and virus which need to be exterminated. It’s rather good.

Hitman Targets

  • Silvio Caruso
  • Francesca De Santis
  • Destroy the virus

Hitman Disguises

  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Mansion Chef
  • Mansion Security
  • Roberto Vargas
  • Gardener
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Biolab Security
  • Lab Technician
  • Hazmat Suit
  • Private Detective
  • Church Staff
  • Bodyguard
  • Priest
  • Delivery Man
  • Cyclist
  • Waiter
  • Dr. Oscan Lafayette
  • Plague Doctor
  • Bohemian
  • Street Performer
  • Red Plumber
  • Green Plumber

Now before we begin, you’re going to need a good disguise. One of the best such disguises is that of mansion’s security, as that will cut the number of suspicious guards down by a hefty number. Pretty much only Caruso’s boduyguards, De Santis’ bodyguards and the security keeping a watch on the old battlement will find you suspicious.

Obtaining the disguise is also easy. You’ll have the key to a safehouse when you start the mission, which opens up a room on the second floor of the building next to the mansion on the right. It’s the building where Rocco and his sister have a brief argument as the mission starts. In that room, you can go out onto the balcony. Drop down to the building on your right, go through the open room and you’ll spot the disguise laying in a pile of laundry. Easy!

To make things even easier, you can sneak into Rocco’s room by hopping back up, grab a mansion key card off his desk and have free access to the mansion grounds. Which sets up several kill opportunities for you.

An eye for an eye

Quite an easy one this. Merely go up to the observatory, open the dome and hightail it out of there before Caruso and his security arrives. If you selected the sniper rifle as an optional weapon in your safehouse, you can use that to get this grisly kill. Make certain that you’re disguised as the kind of security who can openly carry a weapon, run to the church at the south of the map and fire a shot directly into the telescope itself to kill Caruso.

A case most peculiar

The detective that De Santis hired can be found catching forty winks on a bench in the south section. Be careful when waking him up, as he gets super-suspicious super-easily. You can use something like a coin or a nearby radio to rouse him, at which point you’ll need to keep an eye on him from a distance. The detective will soon walk into a tunnel on his own, which is the best time to take him out and steal his disguise.

A nearby dumpster can be used to hide the body as well. At this point, you merely need to go down to the harbour, wait for De Santis and the two of you will eventually walk to a secluded spot to have a chat. At which point, you’re free to off her as you see fit and dump the body.


Oh dear. That scientist is all weepy and distraught over her comrade having met an unfortunate end. oh dear oh dear. Be a shame if something happened to her. A right shame. You’re going to need access to the biolabs eventually, and this here is one of the best opportunities that you’ll have. In the morgue, a scientist weeps all on her own behind locked doors.

The key to that building can actually be found in the church, in the small room next to the stairs. Use the side entrance, sneak in and subdue the weepy biologist to steal her keycard. You can also pilfer the lab clothes from the stiff on the gurney, to complete the disguise. Alternatively, the lady scientist will also take smoke breaks. When she’s outside, you can sneak into the morgue and pose as a corpse.

A third option is that the scientist and her guard will eventually travel back to the lab, using the secret coastal route. It’s a secluded spot, and you can bury two lead rounds in their heads, dumping their bodies into the ocean.

By candlelight

De Santis is up to all manner of badness with her golf instructor, and that’s an opportunity worth taking advantage of. While the instructor is off texting, you can dump some rat poison in his bottle of water that he always comes back to. After he has had a swig, he’ll go upchuck his guts, giving you time to subdue him and steal his clothes. With the identity assumed, you can go meet De Santis in her private room, setting the mood for a rendezvous that’ll leave her breathless.

First day on the job

Remember Rocco? Yes, he was the best character in The Boondock Saints. This other Rocco in Hitman however, is late for his first day as a kitchen hand in the Caruso mansion. There’s multiple ways to assume his identity here. You can sneak up on his balcony from the second floor safehouse room, steal his clothing, keycard and leave him none the wiser.

Or you can ring his doorbell and pop a bullet in his face when he answers. Either way, you can find his kitchen clothes by his bed. You can enter the rear of the mansion to start this opportunity. In the basement, you’ll find two ingredients: Expired cans of tomato sauce and rat poison. Go upstairs, greet the chef and get to work on the pasta sauce.

You can use either ingredient, as they’ll have the same effect on Caruso. The spoiled tomatoes will actually make him compliment the chef, while the rat poison will have him hurling insults. And his lunch. Caruso will excuse himself to go vomit his lunch out over the cliff. To get to him, jump through the open window in the locked villa next to his lunchtime spot and work your way around. Caruso will be all alone, getting sick as he teeters perilously close to the edge of the cliff. It’d be a shame if he slipped…

Memory Lane

At the top of the observatory, you can find a pile of VHS tapes. Steal them, and infiltrate the villa underneath it. Start a VHS tape up, and you can lure Caruso in. He’ll be in shortly, but you’ll need to disguise yourself using the nearby Plague Doctor costume. Wait it out, watch Caruso have another nervous breakdown and sneak up on him for the kill. For bonus points, you can use one of the nearby knives to do the dirty deed in Hitman.


Caruso clearly needs some help, which is why a shrink has been hired to sort his mental problems out. Said quack can actually be found right behind you, enjoying some Italian coffee. A waiter will soon leave the nearby restaurant, and go for a quick smoke break. Follow him, check that the coast is clear and do the disguise shuffle. Dump his body and quickly go inside the restaurant to grab some rat poison.

When the shrink wanders off to go over his notes, poison his coffee and wait for his organs to begin failing. He’ll head to the bathroom below, so follow him there and do what you do best. Remember to dump your gun at this point as you’ll be frisked before entering the mansion grounds. Once inside, you’ll be led upstairs to have a one on one session with Caruso.

Listen to him pour his heart out as you psycho-analyse his fears. Alternatively, smother the life out of him and place another kill on your lifetime Hitman achievements list.


Right at the back of the Caruso mansion, is an old tower that has seen better days. Used in the past to protect the shore from naval attacks, it’s time to put the cannons to good use again. The guards are easily suspicious here at the entrance (found just north of the grave that houses the corpse of Caruso’s mum), but you can sneak through a side entrance on the right. Make your way to the top, load up the cannon that overlooks the patch of grass where Caruso practices his golf swing with some nearby gunpowder and a cannonball, and wait.

It’s worth it, oh yes it is. I love you Hitman the game.


So yeah, Caruso is an avid golfer. If you want, you can use that to your advantage. In your safehouse, you can find an experimental explosive golf ball. Merely disguise yourself as a gardener or the golf instructor, and place the ball in the bucket filled with the others. Caruso will pick that explosive ball second, so just be patient and wait for him to “accidentally” explode.

Last Updated: April 29, 2016


  1. is there any extra sniper ammo anywhere in this mission


    • Uguunator

      July 16, 2016 at 02:52

      With how much ammo you get at the beginning it should be more than enough, but as far as I’m aware, there is not.


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