Hollywood Demonstrates Lack of Ideas, Options Film Based on 1979 Atari Classic

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Consider my mind officially blown (There are, of course, other bits I’d prefer to have received such treatment). Universal Studios have come out as victors of a four-studio bidding war to secure the right to produce a film based on a beloved Atari franchise.

No, it’s not pitfall – which could conceivably be a decent film. Universal will be bringing Asteroids to the big screen. Yeah. Y’know…that delightful old vector coin-sucker where the entire premise is to shoot rocks…or die. The Film will be penned by Disney writer Matthew Lopez, whose credits include the recent family friendly “Race to Witch Mountain (starring “The Rock”, who will hopefully star in Asteroids as a rock)” , while production credits will go to Lorenzo di Bonaventura – who was producer on Transformers, Doom, and the soon to be released GI Joe film. They’re obviously aiming for quality here.

Let us know how many Oscars you think this one’s gonna pick up in the comments.

Source : TheHollywoodReport

Last Updated: July 3, 2009

Geoffrey Tim

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