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Holy Crap! Its Barnie!

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Either that or the next Half Life game is looking really good.

If any of you readers out there read the casting call feature that was put up recently, you would know that we are running a new idea whereby we think of a game that could become a movie, and search for appropriate actors to take on the roles of the games main characters. Well, something interesting happened to me yesterday. Whilst browsing the net, I stumbled onto some images of Half Life 2 characters placed side by side with photos of real people. “Hey, a Casting Call!” I thought.

The guy next to the picture of Barnie first caught my attention. I took a look at him and thought, “Wow, that guy sure looks a lot like Barnie, these guys are good! Hang on, that is Barnie! Follow the link at the bottom of the article to take a look at the full scan and see all of the characters for yourself!

Turns out it’s a scan of a page showing photos of Half Life 2 character’s faces next to the faces of the people who were used as the base for their models and textures.

Some of you may have already seen these images as I suspect that they have been floating around the net for a while, but if you haven’t, I thought you might want to have a look! It’s pretty crazy to see real versions of characters that we’ve grown to love (or hate) in our personal gaming experiences, must be strange as hell to run into one of them in the street.

Too bad they didn’t have a pic of Gordon.

Full Scan

source: merlininkazani

Last Updated: April 18, 2008

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