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Homefront 360 exclusive DLC… did it help?

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As you may have noticed this morning we are all dressed up for some awesome Homefront gaming, but what the really eagle eyed may have noticed is that the advertising also says Xbox 360 on it even though the game is available on all 3 platforms.

No this isn’t some subversive plot by Lazygamer to turn everyone into Xbox 360 fanboys but rather a marketing deal organised by Microsoft with THQ to ensure that everyone knows the Xbox 360 also has Homefront and that Homefront has some exclusive DLC on the Xbox 360.

So the question is, does any of this actually make a difference to you the general public when you go about buying a game… well the answer is a solid yes.

The only country so far to have reported a breakdown of sales is the UK where over 70% of the copies of Homefront sold have been on the Xbox 360 with the PS3 making up a mere 26%… the other 4% going to PC and obviously excludes Steam or any other digital services.

What this shows is that marketing and advertising really does work and the retail market for PC’s is seriously under threat by the digital distribution guys.

So if you have a choice which copy are you going to get or do you have already?

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: March 22, 2011

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