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Homefront Resistance Edition stolen… seriously

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So you’ve got your pre-order in and you have been waiting to pick up your Homefront Resistance Edition for months now… well unfortunately while Homefront is being released today you may be waiting a little longer to get yours.

According to a local retailers blog post (ZAPS) the local Homefront Resistance Edition copies have been stolen. (PC and Xbox 360 only)

SterKinekor haven’t yet announced how they were stolen but seeing that it’s only apparently the Resistance copies then I am presuming it happened directly from their premises which means everyone will be affected.

According to the blog post the PS3 version of the Resistance Edition has also only arrived late and won’t be available this morning.

So if you have ordered Homefront and want to pick it up today I recommend giving your local retailer a call and checking that they have received their stock before you waste that petrol.

Last Updated: March 18, 2011

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