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Horde Mode – I think I am addicted

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I made no secret of my misgivings about Gears of War 2 and how I felt let down by the dodgy matchmaking and bad story. However I also remember saying that Horde mode was very good.

Well I would like to take that back and say that Horde mode is possibly the best thing since beer on tap. Which is saying something.

It seems like such a simple idea, you team up with 4 other people and wave after wave of baddie comes at you. Kind of like how the old space invaders worked. Well that recipe still works and has been transferred perfectly into Gears of War.

I just spent the last 2 hours massacring thousands (okay maybe not thousands) of Locusts and then running around like a headless chicken looking for ammo before the next undefeatable wave of locusts arrived.

Horde captures the essence of gaming perfectly, it’s good fun.

Will I ever get wave 50 on Insane? Not a chance, but I am going to die happy trying.

Now here is the part I ask you to help me, if you can come up with a good competition idea around Horde mode I will hassle and beg Microsoft to sponsor some awesome prizes and we can give it a shot.

I need an excuse to play more Gears right now…

Last Updated: December 1, 2008

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