Hour of Victory – Abysmal

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Now I just posted about a local competition to win a copy of Hour of Victory and bokka1 was kind enough to post a link to Metacritic for this game…

To quote

you can probably get a few moments of joy from Hour of Victory. Like when you return it to EB for store credit. – IGN

Technically unsound, with many glitches; some of them major. – Team Xbox

Hour of Victory is practically broken and has no business being on shelves in its current state. – Gamespot

Ouch, I have never seen critics blast a game like that..

It managed to scrape an aggregate score of 38/100… Meaning out of 213 Xbox 360 games that Metacritic has reviewed Hour of Victory comes in at 212… beaten to the bottom only by Bomberman: Act Zero, however some places even thought that was playable.

What I really want to know though is why anyone is spending good money marketing this game in South Africa?

Link to Hour of Victory (xbox360: 2007): Reviews

Last Updated: July 8, 2007

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