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House of CoD: Kevin Spacey in new Call of Duty

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House of cards

A new year, a new COD. It’s as predictable as the rising of the sun or the trolling of online forums. This time, I have a reason to be excited about it – Kevin Spacey will be lending his voice to the project. As a huge House of Cards fan, my imagination is running away with itself on this one.

On the COD Instagram and YouTube accounts, the following video made its debut:

For the non-video viewing among you, it’s basically just a tight shot of Kevin’s Spacey’s eye as he says:

Ideas don’t determine who’s right. Power determines who’s right. And I have the power, so I’m right.

For fans of the Netflix original series, House of Cards, this sounds like something that the glorious Frank Underwood might say. However, the final frame of the video claims that a new era arrives for Call of Duty with a world reveal date of 4 May 2014. Could Kevin Spacey be the voice of a major world leader in the new CoD? Perhaps. But this other video on the Call of Duty YouTube channel makes things more interesting. It starts with the explanation that in the next COD, the world’s most powerful military isn’t a country’s – it’s a corporation’s. With the world moving towards increasing use of private militaries, it’s an interesting premise to consider. Sure, CoD will still be all about the pew pew, but could this one actually explore some of the political ramifications of privatization of war?

Are you excited for the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise, or is a CoD a Cod to you? I have a lot of respect for Kevin Spacey, and I find it hard to believe that he’d sign on to a project that didn’t give a message or make a statement. He has plenty of cash – no amount that Activision could offer would make him do a boring or standard project. Perhaps this time Call of Duty really will mix things up this time – at least as far as premise and storyline is concerned.

Here’s that leaked trailer, via Dtoid and AGB.

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Last Updated: May 2, 2014

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