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Housemarque’s biggest and most ambitious game may be a PS5 launch title

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Rewind the clock back to the end of 2013, and the best game that you could play on your fancy new PlayStation 4 already existed. Long before InFAMOUS: Second Son popped up, way way before God of War went through an amazing soft reboot and many eons before Marvel’s Spider-Man started slinging webs across New York City, there was Resogun.

Developed by Housemarque, Resogun was a shoot ‘em up that looked humble on the surface but was so capable of knocking the oxygen out of your lungs with its incredible visuals that it would result in Keanu Reeves rocking up to exclaim how breath-taking the experience was. Since then, Housemarque has been responsible for some of the best games of this generation and Matterfall. Alienation was twin-stick blasting at its finest, while Nex Machina evolved the genre into a face-melting explosion of precision and timing.

Housemarque was banking on Stormdivers being their next big project, but that game was shelved for something else that the studio called their “biggest and most ambitious” game, developed in part with “amazing support from our yet-to-be-announced partner”. According to Gamereactor.dk, Housemarque is currently in cahoots (CAHOOTS I SAY) with Sony, with all hands on deck to get this game ready for the PlayStation 5.

As for what that game is? Here’s what we know so far:

If there’s a clue to the nature of Housemarque’s mysterious project, it lies in previous comments from the studios to move towards more modern games as opposed to their sick riffs on classic genres and themes. The studio is currently throwing everything they’ve got at this project now that Stormdivers has been put on hold, and if it is part of the first wave of PlayStation 5 launch games, it’ll most likely be revealed tomorrow night.

Dang it…that probably means that it isn’t Resogun 2. Still, nobody crafts a game like Housemarque, and having one of their superb titles kickstart the next-gen is a recipe for success.

Last Updated: June 10, 2020

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